When Young People Fool with Satanism

Interview with Carlo Climati, Author of Best Seller

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ROME, SEPT. 11, 2001 (Zenit.org).- “Youth and Esotericism,” a best-selling work about Satanism and its impact on young people, is one journalist´s attempt to tear down walls of misunderstanding.

The work, the biggest seller in Italian Catholic bookstores for the past four months, is published by the Daughters of St. Paul.

This week it was published in Portuguese. It will soon appear in Spanish, published in Mexico by Alba and, in a few months time, will be available in Polish.

The attention the book is getting is evidence of the concerns proper to youth, who are often misunderstood by adults. It is, precisely, this wall that Italian writer and journalist Carlo Climati has tried to demolish.

Esotericism among youth is a worldwide phenomenon, according to an Aug. 28 article in The Times newspaper of London, highlighting the problem of the proliferation of Satanic sites on Internet. In Great Britain alone there are more than 1,000 Satanic sects or cults or spiritualist movements, the paper said.

Here, Climati explains how youths are trapped by occultism.

Q: What is “Youth and Esotericism” about?

Climati: It is an investigation on the esoteric tendencies of the new generations. It begins with four interviews with youths who have succeeded in extricating themselves from the trap of occultism, spiritualism, magic and Satanism.

I then analyze a series of current issues: Satanic rock, discotheques, esoteric secrets of tattoos and piercing, New Age, the Internet world, comics, the film “The Blair Witch Project,” the problem of television magicians, telefilms of esoteric content, games, Japanese cartoons, video games, role-playing.

At the end there is a small dictionary of esoteric terms and an extensive bibliography.

Q: Do you think that boys´ and girls´ interest in esotericism has grown in recent years?

Climati: I think so. Last year, in Chiavenna, Italy, three young girls killed a nun by stabbing her 19 times as a kind of “sacrifice” to the devil. Demonic symbols and phrases taken from Satanic rock were found in their diaries.

Youth´s interest in esotericism, Satanism and spiritualism has grown impressively. Today, horoscopes, amulets, Tarot cards and spiritualist séances are road companions of the new generations, victims of a real esoteric bombardment, carried out through very varied means: from music, television, video games, and comics, to the cinema and the discotheque.

Q: How does this “bombardment” take place?

Climati: It is a bombardment that finds fertile ground in the lives of many youths, often characterized by profound loneliness, difficult family situations, and uncertainty about the future. Interest in esotericism, proposed as an immediate solution to daily problems, can cause enormous damage to boys´ and girls´ minds. It can contribute to create a generation of “new slaves,” locked in their own behavior.

Horoscopes, magic, spiritualist séances and Satanic rock records turn over millions of dollars. Hence, there are some who have decided to enrich themselves at the expense of youth, attracting them with real “traps.”

Q: How does the virus of esotericism spread? What are the causes of the esoteric epidemic that traps the new generations?

Climati: Everything stems from a great mistake. Youth think that esotericism is something fascinating, pleasing. They think they can find an ally in occultism to resolve their own problems. Therefore, they confidently engage in magic practices, spiritualism, Satanism, without realizing that they are playing with fire.

In recent years, youths have experienced a kind of brainwashing, which has led them to be fearless of the occult world.

Involvement in esoteric ambiences can be a real risk. To participate in a spiritualist séance or a Satanic rite means to open wide the doors to really dangerous realms. One begins by playing, without knowing where it will end.

Q: How can an adolescent get in touch with the world of Satanism, spiritualism and esotericism?

Climati: There are bridges that facilitate this itinerary. Undoubtedly, the most effective is a certain type of rock music, inspired in occultism; in recent years it has become a very good record business.

Beginning with the simple interest in a “Satanic rock” singer, one can get in touch with the world of Satanism. It is a gradual, step by step process.

Q: What are these “steps”?

Climati: First of all, the youth is entranced by a “Satanic” singer. Then he feels the need to know more. The second step is to become familiar with the texts of the songs, and the consequent contact with a philosophy of transgression.

The third step is the youth´s purchase of music magazines that talk about their favorite singer. Lately, in some rock publications, not only is there talk of music, but also of Satanism and esotericism. Sometimes the address of Satanic sects is given, or Internet Web pages of singers connected with occultism.

Therefore, in order to know more, the fourth step is taken: the search on Internet. Curiosity becomes interest for the pages or “newsgroups” (forums) of the sects.

The last step is the youth´s direct contact, through e-mail, with a sect.

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