Schengen Treaty Extolled in Light of Terrorism

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 20, 2004 ( An official of the Vatican City Tribunal proposed that this city state should adhere to the Schengen Treaty as a move to counter the threat of world terrorism.

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The Schengen Treaty, which allows for easy cross-border travel in Europe, also touches on the exchange of information for the protection and security of populations.

«The threat of international terrorism calls for the Holy See to adhere to the Schengen Treaty,» said Nicola Piccardi, Promoter of Justice of the Vatican City Tribunal, at the start of the judicial year.

«At present, it is not possible to address realistically the problems of jurisdiction without taking into account the interdependent links between the judicial systems of the different states,» Piccardi added.

Norms of the Schengen Treaty, which form part of the European Union’s legislation, regulate the free movement of people in the interior of Europe. It seeks to do away with interior border controls between signatory states while reinforcing controls in external borders.

Meanwhile, Piccardi urged that adjustments be made to the Vatican judicial system, whose norms for prosecution are 60 years old and should be updated to reflect the changes in «international sociopolitical situations.»

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