Singing and applause prevailed in the audience that the Pope granted today in Paul VI Hall on the occasion of the canonization of the new saints.

Those canonized Sunday include two Italians: Gaetano Catanoso (1879-1963), priest and founder of the Congregation of the Veronican Sisters of the Holy Face, and Felice de Nicosia (1715-1787), Capuchin religious.

Two others are of Polish origin: Jozef Bilczewski (1860-1923), bishop of Lviv of the Latins (today Ukraine); and Zygmunt Gorazdowski (1845-1920) priest and founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The fifth newly canonized saint is Jesuit Father Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga (1901-1952) of Chile.

At the audience, Benedict XVI invited the pilgrims present "to thank God who does not cease to raise in the Church new shining examples of holiness."

"We invoke the saints and blessed as protectors and count on their heavenly aid," he said. "At the same time, they stimulate us with their testimony to imitate them to grow in faith, hope and charity."