Pope Says There's No Ideal Political Model

Invites 11 Envoys to Cultivate National «Genius»

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VATICAN CITY, DEC. 18, 2008 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI says there is no ideal political model, and that each country needs to cultivate its own national spirit.

The Pope affirmed this today when he addressed 11 new envoys to the Holy See, representing Malawi, Sweden, Sierra Leone, Iceland, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Belize, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain and the Fiji Islands.

In his French-language address, the Holy Father said, «The diversity of where you come from brings me to give thanks to God for his creative love and the multiplicity of his gifts, which never cease to surprise humanity.»

«Sometimes diversity makes people afraid,» he acknowledged. «That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised if the human being prefers monotony and uniformity.»

Certain political-economic systems, the Pontiff continued «attributing to themselves or claiming pagan or religious origins, have afflicted humanity for too long, trying to make it uniform with demagogy and violence.»

«They have reduced and reduce the human being to an unworthy slavery at the service of one ideology or an inhumane and pseudo-scientific economy,» he said. «All of us know that there is not just one political model, an ideal that has to be absolutely fulfilled, and that political philosophy develops in time and in its expressions, according as it is polished by human intelligence and the lessons taken from political and economic experience.»

The Pope contended that «every people has its genius and also its own ‘demons.'»

He expressed his hope that «each people cultivates its genius, enriching itself as much as possible for the good of others, and that it purifies itself of its ‘demons,’ controlling them to the point of transforming them into positive values and creators of harmony, prosperity and peace to defend the greatness of human dignity.»

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