Bishops Call for New Game Rules in Globalization

Latin American Prelates Envision Continent of Love

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BOGOTA, Colombia, FEB. 12, 2009 ( The roots of the economic crisis point to the need for a new international structure, say bishops of Latin America.

This conclusion came in a statement from the leadership of the Latin American bishops’ council, which met in Colombia last week.

Taking up the observation made by Benedict XVI, the prelates affirmed that «the current crisis is not the result of immediate financial difficulties, but a consequence of the state of ecological health of the planet, and above all, of the cultural and moral crisis that we live, whose symptoms have been evident for some time now all around the world.»

Thus, the bishops declared, «globalization should abide by ethics, placing everything at the service of the human person created in the image and likeness of God.»

«The current financial crisis has shown the excessive desire for luxury above the valuing of work and employment, making it into an end in itself,» they added.

This inversion of values «perverts human relationships,» the bishops warned, «substituting them for financial transactions, which should be at the service of production and the satisfaction of human needs.»

The prelates continued, «It has become evident that globalization as it is currently configured has not been capable of interpreting and reacting in function of objective values, which are found beyond the market and which make up the most important part of human life: truth, justice, love and especially, the dignity and rights of everyone, even those who live at the outskirts of the market itself.»

The Latin American prelates lamented that international economy has concentrated power and riches in just a few hands, excluding the underprivileged and increasing inequality.

They urged «seriously considering the need to establish bases for a new international order, founded on new game rules, which also take into account the values of the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church, with the aim to promote a globalization marked by solidarity and rationality, that would make of this continent not only the continent of hope, but also the continent of love.»

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