Kudos to FIAMC

A response to: FIAMC Statement on Obama and Life Issues

Congratulations to the president of FIAMC and all its branches and subsidiaries on a strong and courageous statement. We need more Catholic/Christian organizations to stand up and be counted. It is time to show our colors and where we stand on life matters.

Western society is over-encumbered with «rights» but the same society has reduced, demeaned and rejected the most basic and fundamental «right,» and that is, the «right» to be born when conceived. The «right» to the dignity of the infant (as well as the mother) and the «right» to live the life God has planned for it, even for that humanly «unplanned» child.

Well done and congratulations FIAMC.

Anne Lastman,

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Victims of Abortion Australia.

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