Article: Is Priestly Celibacy Psychologically Dangerous?

I really loved the explanation of Fr. Piano on Priestly Celibacy. It is true that Priestly Celibacy is not Psychologically Dangerous and when a priest lives his celibate life in its fullness, he gives witness to the Gospel message which advocates celibacy as a preparation to the life to come where there will be no marrying for all will be like angels. Many priests would like to live their celibacy in its fullness but there are many obstacles to this. Sometimes these obstacles come from the people they serve or from their human passions because they are also human like others. As Christians we have the obligation to pray for our priests and help them to live their celibacy by not putting them into temptations. We should create a conducive climate for their ministry, love them and help them so that they may feel and understand that we need them and care for them. Mary Mother of Priests Ora Pro nobis.

Gosbert Rwezahura