A response to: Offer It Up

As a convert to the faith, I found the Little Way of St. Therese when making her my Patron Saint. Little did I know where her faithful friendship would guide me over the years. Each day I offer various forms of sacrifice, suffering, mortifications, fastings, prayer, rosaries etc. especially on behalf of the Pope, his intentions, our Church, and priests ... not to mention various souls I have been given by Our Lord. I am greatly appreciative of learning and being lead in the practice as it makes my life as a mom and wife feel worthwhile. 

I am grateful too that our Pope has spoken about this practice. I have been trying to begin a Legion of Little Souls of the Merciful Heart of Jesus in my parish for years in order for members to practice this vocation of the Little Ones. 

God bless all who live hidden & unknown in this world contributing to this worthwhile cause of distributing His Grace through Our Lady.

Kara N. Blatzheim