Catholic in Saudi Arabia

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A response to: Living in Secret in Saudi Arabia

I have lived here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for [many] years.  I am a practicing Catholic, but our Church remains underground; the only difference is we don’t talk about it outside. We pray as a community, hear Mass, and carry out our lay apostolate in a manner that we will not openly upset or call attention of the status quo.

The state knows that we are doing this; its concern is only to remind us to keep it among ourselves secretly. One time in recent history, authorities caught a community in the middle of the Blessed Eucharist.  Questions were asked on the spot, but all were left free without harm or incarceration.

This is a good sign that the state is currently open providing of course, we keep it among ourselves Christians secretly, without us seeking converts from their ranks.

Please continue to pray for us in the Kingdom. […]

O. C.

Saudi Arabia

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