BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, APRIL 4, 2011 (Zenit.org).- A Schonstatt woman religious has authored a book to consider the bonds formed between ecclesial movements and their founders.

"El vínculo con el Fundador. ¿Por qué? ¿Para qué?" (The Bond With the Founder: Why and What For?), was written by Sister M. Elizabet (Virginia Parodi).

The nun asserts that there is a singular need to identify the dynamic and creative fidelity to the mission that every spiritual family receives through its founder.

Sister Parodi looks at present-day theology in reference to founders and their charisms. She also specifies in a particular way the charism of the founder of the Schonstatt Movement, Joseph Kentenich, and his charism in Schonstatt's spirituality and mission.

The author said she hopes the book will "enhance a creative fidelity to be able to manage a covenant culture, as answer to the needs of the present-day world."

It is a work not only for the Schonstatt family, "but for all those who are interested in dynamic fidelity to the charism of their spiritual family," a statement from the movement observed.

Sister Parodi, who in her doctoral thesis in theology analyzed the bond of several spiritual families with their founders, now addresses this subject "in a way accessible to all those who seek to understand more profoundly God's wishes for each foundation."