Pope: Christ's Light Shines, Conquers Darkness

Reflects on Power of Faith With German Youth

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FREIBURG, Germany, SEPT. 24, 2011 (Zenit.org).- Even in the darkest moments, those with faith are able to see light and the “dawning of a new day,” says Benedict XVI.

The Pope said this when addressing a gathering of youth in Freiburg. In his address, he reflected on Christ, the light of the world. 

“It is not our human efforts or the technical progress of our era that brings light into this world,” he said. “Again and again we experience how our striving to bring about a better and more just world hits against its limits.

“Innocent suffering and the ultimate fact of death awaiting every single person are an impenetrable darkness which may perhaps, through fresh experiences, be lit up for a moment, as if through a flash of lightning at night. In the end, though, a frightening darkness remains.”

The Pontiff continued: “While all around us there may be darkness and gloom, yet we see a light: a small, tiny flame that is stronger than the seemingly powerful and invincible darkness.

“Christ, risen from the dead, shines in this world and he does so most brightly in those places where, in human terms, everything is sombre and hopeless. He has conquered death — he is alive — and faith in him, like a small light, cuts through all that is dark and threatening.”

The Holy Father noted that while people of faith do not necessarily lead lives “of perpetual sunshine,” they do always have a “bright glimmer” that lights their paths.

“The eyes of those who believe in Christ see light even amid the darkest night and they already see the dawning of a new day,” he added.

Not alone

“Light does not remain alone,” Benedict XVI continued. “All around, other lights are flaring up. In their gleam, space acquires contours, so that we can find our bearings.

“We do not live alone in this world. And it is for the important things of life that we have to rely on other people. Particularly in our faith, then, we do not stand alone, we are links in the great chain of believers.”

The Holy Father asserted: “Nobody can believe unless he is supported by the faith of others, and conversely, through my faith, I help to strengthen others in their faith.

“We help one another to set an example, we give others a share in what is ours: our thoughts, our deeds, our affections. And we help one another to find our bearings, to work out where we stand in society.”

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