ROME, JULY 9, 2012 ( The director of the Vatican press office commented on Benedict XVI's trip today to the house of the Verbites in Nemi, Italy, noting that it was a chance for the Pope to visit the place where as a young theologian he worked on documents of the Second Vatican Council.

Young Joseph Ratzinger worked at the spot in 1965.

"The dynamic and prolific atmosphere of study, debate, and prayer created the environment for the plenary meetings of the Council Fathers in Saint Peter’s," Father Lombardi explained.

The Vatican spokesman noted that Cardinal Roberto Tucci has recently spoken about similar work that went on in Ariccia, Italy, with the involvement of young Bishop Karol Wojtyla in preparation of "Gaudium et spes."

"About thirty of those who participated in the Second Vatican the Council are still living, among them Council Fathers and experts, and their testimonies stir up a wave of emotions in those who, like us (even though we were not directly involved), recall that extraordinary time of fervor, enthusiasm, and hope," Father Lombardi said. "It is our wish that the 50th anniversary of the Council, which we are preparing to celebrate in October, will be an opportunity to enthusiastically reunite ourselves to that atmosphere of listening to the Holy Spirit, so that the documents can be re-read today along the lines of the '"hermeneutic of reform," of renewal in the continuity of the one subject-Church which the Lord has given to us. She is a subject which increases in time and develops, yet always remaining the same, the one subject of the journeying People of God.” (Address to the Roman Curia, 22.12.2005). For this reason Joseph Ratzinger – now Pope – wisely exhorts us, as a privileged and authoritative witness, and expert of the conciliar assembly."