Ecumenical Seminar Concludes in Castel Gandolfo

Pope Benedict’s Former Students Discuss Truth, Tolerance at Yearly Gathering

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ROME, SEPT. 4, 2012 ( «Today, the concepts of truth and intolerance have almost fused together, so that to say that one has the truth becomes synonymous with intolerance. And we Christians do not dare to believe or to speak about the truth.» 

These are Benedict XVI’s words from Sunday’s homily at a Mass marking the conclusion of a gathering of his former students. The group was dedicated to exploring ecumenical dialogue with Lutheranism and Anglicanism.

The annually-held seminar, this year focused on «Ecumenical outcomes and questions in the dialogue with Lutheranism and Anglicanism,» is a summer session traditionally held by former students of Benedict XVI (known as the «Ratzinger Schulekreis»).

In recent years, doctoral students studying the theology of the Pope have also been invited to attend these sessions, along with the Pope’s former students. Manuel Schlögl has been one such participant, being a member of the «new» Schulekreis since 2009. Schlögl spoke with Vatican Radio’s Christopher Wells, offering insight into this year’s session.

«The goal of the ecumenical development is to be united in Christ,» he said, explaining further that «the Church has to be on the way to this unity in Christ, in prayer, in dialogue.»

Schlögl also spoke about the importance of Catholic tradition within the context of dialogue. «The main part of the Catholic Church, perhaps is to be the instance of truth and of tradition, so that we can discuss about this tradition which is preserved, which is transported in the Catholic tradition.»  

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