Pope Francis sent a video message to participants of a conference on the New Evangelization of Asia, which was held in the Philippines this past week. Over 5,000 representatives from various dioceses all over the Philippines as well as other Asian countries gathered at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila throughout three days.

Calling the conference “a worthy offering to the Year of Faith”, the Holy Father thanked those who organized and participated in the conference. “The Holy Spirit is actively at work in you. The Church of Christ is alive!,” the Pope exclaimed.

“Through this conference, I hope you would experience again the loving presence of Jesus in your lives, that you would love the Church more and that you would share the Gospel to all people with humility and joy,” he continued. “Don’t get tired of bringing the mercy of the Father to the poor, the sick, the abandoned, the young people and families.”

The Pope, who told the participants that the continent of Asia “is close to his heart”, also called for the message of Christ to be spread throughout all aspects of society.

Concluding his video message, Pope Francis asked for their prayers as well as giving a blessing in Filipino.

“Mabúhay ang Pilipínas! Mabúhay ang Asia! Pagpaláin kayó ng Dios! (Long live the Philippines! Long live Asia! May God bless you!),” the Holy Father said.