Pope Asks Prayers of Former Students, Saying There's So Much Work to Do, It's Hard to Keep Up

Says Any Trip to Argentina Would Include Stops in Chile and Uruguay

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Saturday in the Sala di Papi of the Vatican Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis met with and briefly addressed a group of ex-students of the Jesuits of Uruguay.

“Thank you again for your visit and your greetings,” he said. “You bring so many memories to me! The only thing that surprises me is that no-one has brought any ‘mate’! Did no-one have the courage? The Uruguayan streak is missing – when your president came, he brought ‘mate’! Thank you, truly.

“I see there are many young people: this is a promise and a hope. It brings to mind many memories linked to the companions who organised this visit, and many other good things.

“I do not know when a visit to your country will be planned, but it certainly will not be before 2016. One thing is sure: if I visit Argentina, I must also visit Chile and Uruguay, all three together. So, we will meet again there.

“I thank you again and ask a favour of you: pray for me. People here are very good, my companions are good and everyone works together, but there is much work to be done and it is difficult to keep up. Pray for me, and for my collaborators, so that we can carry on. Many thanks!”.

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