On the first day of the General Assembly of the consecrated men of Regnum Christi, Jorge López of Madrid, Spain, age 50, was chosen to lead the first elected government for the men.  He will oversee the new governing body, consisting of five councilors and a treasurer.

The General Assembly started Nov. 25 in Rome, and will conclude Dec. 5.

With this election, the 24 delegates participating in the assembly confirmed the previous appointment of Lopez as head of the consecrated men by the Vatican delegate in June 2012.

Also elected were Mario Olivieri Sangiacomo of México as treasurer, and  the new general councilors: Félix Gómez Rueda (Mexico), Bernardo Pérez Ruiz Esparza (Mexico), Cristián Názer Astorga (Chile), Fernando Rincón Gallardo (Mexico) and Alberto García Gómez (Spain). The new government will serve a term of six years.