Pope at Santa Marta: To Receive Jesus, Just Turn to the Gospel

Says Jesus Is There, So Buy a Pocket Gospel and Read it With an Open Heart

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Pope Francis has responded to the question, «How to receive Jesus Christ?» by saying the answer may be something you can conceal in your pocket.

Addressing those gathered this morning at his first daily Mass in Casa Santa Marta after a summer break, Pope Francis asked: “How do I receive Jesus Christ?”, to which he responded, «The Church tells us that Jesus is present in the Scriptures, in His Word,» reported Vatican Radio. 

This is why, the Holy Father stressed, it is so important to «read a passage from the Gospel during the day.»

Recalling the readings of the day, the Pope explained what the Word of God is, and how we should receive it. St. Paul, he noted, reminds the Corinthians that does not proclaim the Gospel based on persuasive words of wisdom, rather those that are directly from the heart.

Urging the faithful to proclaim the Gospel with humility, he said this requires having an open heart can receive Him.

Francis reminded those gathered that God speaks to us in the Son, «that is, the Word of God is Jesus, Jesus Himself.»

Asking why Christians must have this meeting with Christ through the Gospel, he suggested: “Why, to learn?” responding, “No! To find Jesus! Because Jesus is right there in His Word, in His Gospel.»

«Every time I read the Gospel, I find Jesus,» he continued, «Yet how do I receive this Word? Well, you should receive it like you receive Jesus, that is to say with an open heart, with a humble heart, with the spirit of the Beatitudes.”

The reason for this, he added, is because this is how Jesus came into the world, in “humility,” in “poverty,” with “the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

«He is power” he added, “He is the Word of God because He is anointed by the Holy Spirit. We, too, if we want to hear and receive the Word of God, we must pray and ask the Holy Spirit for this anointing of the heart,» for a «heart like the heart of the Beatitudes.»

Pope Francis invited those gathered to ask themselves today, «How do I receive the Word of God?” and to consider why they do so.

The Holy Father concluded, urging them to buy a “cheap” pocket-Gospel, to consult often, if they hadn’t done so already.

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