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Protestants and Catholics to Join for Prayer Walk in Response to Satanic Ritual

“We trust that our government – local, state and federal – will reaffirm its commitment to protect the religious liberty of Christians and other believers as well”

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In response to a planned satanic ritual in Oklahoma City, and to pray for peace and safety for those facing violence around the world, hundreds of Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans, Evangelicals, Pentecostals and other faithful will join the Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma at a Unity Prayer Service & Walk at 6 p.m. on Aug. 15 in downtown Oklahoma City.
According to the Oklahoma Gazette, the Satanic ritual planned for public view will involve sulfur, menstrual blood and the ashes of blasphemed and burned Quran pages to “corrupt” a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary.

The ceremony, known as “The Consumption of Mary,” is part of a ticketed “black mass” hosted by Oklahoma City’s satanic Church of Ahriman.

A public “black mass” was held in Oklahoma City in the summer of 2014, organized by some of the same people:

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As a response from Christians, the Prayer Walk will begin at 6 p.m. at the Jesus Wept Statue at Saint Joseph’s Old Cathedral, N.W. 5 and Harvey Avenue, in downtown Oklahoma City. The walk will lead to First Church, 131 N.W. 4 at Robinson Avenue, for a Prayer Service at 6:30 p.m., where Christian faith leaders from multiple denominations will lead in prayer.
“This year has been a difficult year on many levels for Oklahomans and Americans, but now is the time for the Body of Christ to come together in unity across denominational lines in a Call to Prayer. As members of the Christian faith community, we believe that prayer is essential to addressing the growing divide and continual societal conflict. We know this is true because prayer is a vital part of our faith traditions,” said Timothy Tardibono, president of the Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma.
Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City, has called thousands of Catholics to pray and join the walk.
“In response to this blasphemous event, and the many other acts of hatred and violence happening in our world in recent weeks, I am encouraging the faithful and people of good will to pray together for healing and peace, and for the Lord to watch over our community and protect us from evil and its many destructive and violent manifestations. I also ask that we pray for the conversion of this man and for all who have not yet come to know the Lord of Life. As outrageous as these satanic rituals may be, those who perform them claim the mantle of religious liberty. As the local government has refused to interfere with this abhorrent blasphemous worship that is being publicly sanctioned in our community, we trust that our government – local, state and federal – will reaffirm its commitment to protect the religious liberty of Christians and other believers as well. Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, let us pray together for healing and peace in our country and our world.”
Dr. Anthony L. Jordan, executive director-treasurer for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, said, “While we continue to recognize and respect our doctrinal differences, we firmly believe that now is the time for people in the Christian faith community to come together in prayer. We believe that only the light of the Gospel can provide the peace and hope our neighbors are desperately seeking amid these troubled times.”

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