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Pope Appoints Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences

English Mathematics Professor John David Barrow

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The Holy Father has appointed Professor John David Barrow, professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) as Ordinary Member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Prof. John David Barrow

Prof. John David Barrow was born in London on November 29, 1952. He studied with Dennis Sciama at the University of Oxford. His research concerns the shape and levels of irregularity and topology of the universe, particle physics and cosmology, the origins of light elements, the possible origin, and end of the universe, the general solutions of Einstein’s equations and theories high-order gravitationals, the nature of the fundamental constants of physics and the introduction of new ways of using astronomy to investigate their invariance over time. It is known for the book written by FJ Tipler, The Anthropic Principle ( The Anthropic Cosmological Principle). In addition to Professor of Mathematical Sciences in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of the University of Cambridge, he is Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project, a program to improve the appreciation of mathematical sciences and their applications. He has received numerous awards, including the Templeton Prize in 2006, Faraday Prize of the Royal Society in 2008.

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