Church in Argentina Responds to Coronavirus

‘The word of God is carried out by concrete gestures of solidarity’

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The Bishop of San Justo, Argentina, Mgr. Eduardo García, underlined the role of the Church in the context of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, through work in canteens and in assisting the population subject to restrictive measures, with the reception in the diocese premises to welcome patients who must remain isolated.
With a large percentage of its population below the poverty line, the diocese of San Justo is particularly affected by the effects of isolation measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, since many families have to go looking for work every day to bring some food home.

For this reason, the Bishopric of San Justo has joined the efforts of national, provincial and municipal authorities and other institutions, making available several beds in religious centers to host the most needy, which will also be useful in the case infections spread, to accommodate people with mild symptoms who still need to remain isolated in order not to continue spreading the virus.

«During the pandemic, many people do not have a home where to stay and the Church welcomes them to its centers», said Mgr. García. «Many are workers who live off their wages and have nothing left. So hunger has to be fought somehow. This is why canteens and places of assistance to people have also multiplied because life continues, despite the pandemic», explained the Bishop.

«During these moments of extreme difficulty, we will all have to adapt in some way, because there are already many who live in hardship. As the Pope says, we are on the same boat and we must help each other», said the Bishop, who concluded: «the word of God is carried out by concrete gestures of solidarity».

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