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Sunday May 31 is a National Day of Prayer for an end to COVID-19 in South Africa

Statement from Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference

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When we are still busy preparing ourselves to return to our different Religious Services, all the people in South Africa, from different walks of life, with different faith beliefs, are requested to honor Sunday 31st May by reserving some time aside, with one unified intention of praying for an end to Coronavirus.

Make sure you remind your brother, sister, friend, relative, colleague, and every person of goodwill not to forget this moment of prayer.

United in Action and Prayer we can defeat Coronavirus. Let’s unite to make sure we save our nation from this monster. Make sure you continue to take necessary precautions against the spread of Coronavirus.

Remember our Catholic Bishops and SACC members have said if you are not ready with all necessary safety precautions to go back to the church don’t commit suicide. Leave the church close until that time when you are able to be safe from the virus, probably where there is a full guarantee for safety.

Please remind all your Priests, Pastors, PPCs that compliance is the priority for the safety of our people. If you can’t guarantee it please leave the churches closed. Going to church is your personal choice. Nobody should be blamed for your choice. President Cyril Ramaphosa said safety is up to you.

Please discourage the elderly to avoid going back to church gatherings. They are more vulnerable than the young but remember with Coronavirus no one is safe. No one is written on the forehead that is COVID-19 negative or positive, except those who have been diagnosed.

Let us continue to pray for your brothers and sisters who are infected and affected. Let us continue to pray for those who are selflessly at the frontline to address the challenges facing us amid COVID-19.

Rember during COVID-19 that the freedom you claim may be a choice that leads to the end of your life. Keep your mask on in the public, wash your hands with soap, sanitize your hands now and then and make sure social distancing is ruled to abide with.

I wish you a very safe weekend.

God loves you and May God continue to bless and protect you.

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Paul Tatu

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