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Pfizer Admitted That It Didn’t Know if the Vaccine Would Avoid the Transmission of the Virus before Its Commercialization 

Pfizer’s admission to Euro-Deputies that the vaccine wasn’t tested to prevent the transmission of the disease eliminates every legal basis of the COVID passport. It was a lie that discriminated against millions of people, deceived hundreds of millions and was based on unjust lucrative interests. 

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Luca Volonte

(ZENIT News – The Daily Compass / Rome, 13.10.2022).- The General Secretary of the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked for more forceful measures to combat long COVID, but in the European Parliament Pfizer was obliged to admit the lies with which the European Union and the majority of Western States imposed the green pass, compulsory vaccinations and unprecedented discrimination. 

Shadows Hang Over the Global Handling of the Pandemic

On Wednesday, October 12, “The Guardian” — daily British newspaper –, published an interesting interview with Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s Secretary General, according to whom the effects of the prolonged COVID pandemic (Long COVID) is  “devastating” the lives and means of subsistence of tens of millions of people, creating problems in Health Systems and in economies. Hence the appeal to all States to begin “immediate” and sustained efforts to address the “very grave” crisis. According to WHO, COVID killed almost 6.5 million people and infected over 600 million. Moreover, between 10-20% of survivors are exhibiting medium and long-term symptoms, such as fatigue, dyspnoea and cognitive disfunction. “Although the pandemic has changed drastically with the introduction of many tools that save lives . . . the impact of COVID’s long tail on all countries is very serious and requires immediate and sustained action equivalent to its scale, which must include: immediate access to antivirals for patients with high risk of serious illness, investment in research and the exchange of new tools and knowledge, as they are identified, to prevent, detect and treat patients in the most effective way. Finally, economic aid must be given to that that cannot work,” said Tedros to The Guardian. Thus, in a moment of grave crisis and global recession, governments are urged to invest in the care of people infected with COVID. Perhaps, as vaccinated, they have come out of it, but they continue to experience trouble and secondary effects of the sickness. Over the last two years, have not WHO, Pfizer&Co., as well as the Authorities of Western  States imposed compulsory vaccination to prevent the disease, to avoid infecting others and, for these reasons, introduced the green pass or vaccination passport to be able to exercise certain fundamental liberties? 

Was it not said that the non-vaccinated were plague-ridden and guilty of putting themselves in danger, their families, and the people they met? It wasn’t so and, in a surprising admission, a Pfizer executive said on Monday, October 10, that the Company didn’t know if the COVID-19 vaccine, based on ARNm developed with BioNTech, would avoid the viral transmission before putting it on the market last year. 

Janine Small, President of Pfizer’s international development markets gave a statement on Monday to the European Parliament’s COVID-19 Commission, on behalf of Pfizer’s General Director Dr Albert Bourla, who had been summoned by the Commission but failed to attend the appointment. 

During the debate with the Euro-Deputies, Dutch Rob Roos, a conservative and firm opponent of COVID-19 European passports, asked Small if Pfizer could provide lawmakers with proofs, before commercializing the vaccination, that it could avoid the transmission of the coronavirus.

Small said that Pfizer didn’t know if the vaccination would avoid the transmission of the virus before its commercialization. However, “COVID passports were issued under the premise that the vaccinated would be protected from the disease and could socialize with other people without the risk of spreading it. Hence we can say, through the mouth of the vaccine manufacturers, that the imposition of COVID passport at the European and State level was a lie all the while.

Not only that, but Small’s admission that the vaccine wasn’t tested to prevent the transmission “eliminates the whole legal basis of the COVID passport.” A lie that discriminated against millions of people, deceived hundreds of millions and was based on the unfair interests of profit. In fact, before the vaccine was approved in the United States and Europe, Pfizer stated that the studies showed that its vaccination was up to 91.3% effective against COVID-19 and 100% effective in the prevention of infections in at least one study (April 2021). 

Pfizer was also the object of criticism for the scandal, which the European Commission still keeps secret, of the exchanges of communications and contractual agreements , through text messages, between the Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen, and the Director General of the global pharmaceutical giant, which was harshly criticized by the Defender of the European People, Emily O’Reilly, last July. 

The Euro-Deputies of all the political groups lamented the culpable decision of Albert Bourla not to attend the audience; all were indignant over Janine Small’s lack of answers also regarding the opacity of the contracts for the purchase of the COVID-19 vaccines: no answer about the prices agreed to; contracts continue being secret for important parts of the texts, nothing said about the possible adverse effects of Pfizer’s ARNm vaccine. All the Euro-Deputies, beginning with those of Identity and Democracy, have asked for a new audience with Bourla, while indignation mounts over the EU’s unjustified abuse of power and that of many national States. Cui prodest (apart from the pharmaceutical companies)?


Translation of the Italian original into Spanish by ZENIT’s Editorial Director and, into English, by Virginia M. Forrester

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