The Biden administration has insistently made LGBT rights a core part of U.S.Photo: El Economista

Biden Administration Spends $4.1 Billion on LGBT Programs

The Biden administration is trying to subsidize cultural change through the tax dollars of working Americans who would not normally support LGBT activist groups.

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Emmanuele Da Ponte

(ZENIT News – Center for Family and Human Rights / Washington, 12.19.2023).- In the last three years, the U.S. government issued more than $4.1 billion in taxpayer money through 1,100 grants to fund LGBT-promoting projects around the world.

The Biden administration has insistently made LGBT rights a core part of U.S. foreign policy forcing other nations to embrace controversial ideologies to get Western aid funding. The administration is attempting to subsidize cultural change through taxes of hardworking Americans who would not typically support LGBT activist groups.

The federal spending website includes 1,181 grants, 31 loans, and nine direct payments from the previous three fiscal years, all of which can be found by searching for “LGBT.” These individual payouts totaled more than $3.7 billion. An additional $478 million has been designated for programs centered on “transgender” activities.

Government grants differ from federal loans, which are repayable over long periods at low interest rates. Direct payments from the government entail the provision of funds to organizations, either without constraints or for specific reasons.

According to The Epoch Times who initially broke the story, Emory University is the beneficiary of a $3.5 million continuing funding from the United States government. The money will be used to investigate the effects of cross-sex hormone treatment on the rectal mucosa of transgender women in the United States and Thailand. The study is classified as “allergy and infectious diseases research.” Another study will investigate the link between alcohol intake and intimate partner violence among transgender and gender-nonconforming people. Notably, the highest award commitments, totaling nearly $465 million, are in state opioid response initiatives for transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

A one million dollar award goes to “advance the human rights and social inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) people worldwide.” This cash was allocated to Outright Action, an American activist organization committed to worldwide LGBTQ+ campaigning with offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine, the Philippines, Iran, and China.

Furthermore, there was a $500,000 grant for the Serbian activist organization Grupa Izadji which promotes “diversity, equity, and inclusion in Serbia’s workplaces and business communities by promoting economic empowerment and opportunities for LGBTQI+ people in Serbia.”

Other awards include a one million dollar grant to the Armenian activist group Pink Human Rights Defender to “empower the LGBTI community” in Armenia, as well as financing for a “social biography of same-sex desire in postcolonial Ireland.” Another award will help to document contributions to “gender identity development” among Belarussian adolescent girls from low-income homes.

An anonymous researcher who first brought these findings to The Epoch Times believes that the U.S. Department of Education has granted around $240 million in grants to “equity initiatives.” Notably, the Department contributed $1.2 million to San Diego Community College District’s “LGBTQIA+ pride centers” and approximately $1.6 million to address North Dakota’s “indigenous, LGBTQIA+, rural, and underserved school-based mental health needs.” Furthermore, the Department provided a $1.4 million grant to Boston College to examine “mechanisms of health promotion in diverse youth through gay-straight alliances,” essentially promoting the formation of these alliances in Massachusetts middle and high schools.


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