Lindsay Smith

From LGBT+ Witch to Jesus Follower: Lindsay Smith’s Testimony

Lindsay Smith is a young American woman who turned away from witchcraft after meeting Jesus. She has told her story on a YouTube channel that is responsible for disseminating testimonies of converts. The channel is called Delafé Testimonies.

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(ZENIT News / Roma, 01.23.2024).- The amazing testimony of Lindsay Smith, who grew up in a traditional Christian family, but who rejected God, religion and began to do witchcraft, has reached more than two hundred thousand viewers only in three months.

Lindsay is a young woman who claims to have had visions since she was very young of spiritual beings, what she realized later to be demons. Her family didn’t take her seriously. This led her to reject religion since she was very young, get into witchcraft and have an LGBT lifestyle. She was adopted, but from an early age she could not identify with her family’s lifestyle.

She says that even as a child she saw spirits, but in reality they were demons trying to take advantage of her. She aknowledges that at that time she did not know about the spiritual battle, but she knew that the spiritual world really existed.

When she would go to tell Christian people she knew, they would tell her it was her imagination or they just didn’t have an answer, which led her to conclude that in the Christian Church she would not find a solution: «I felt I was always misunderstood…. I had depression, anxiety. I was very, very shy, I was like in my shell,» she said.

In high school she had a relationship with a man who introduced her to the occultism. Among other things, he began to teach her about astrology, the New Age and witchcraft. However, she claims that this relationship was abusive, narcissistic and controlling; a relationship where she knew he was using her.

She was finally able to break away from that relationship when she started college in 2017, the year she entered into a relationship with a person of the same sex, a woman who sought to resemble a man and who introduced her to the LGBT+ community, promoting ideas of «being ‘open,'» accepting of everyone, and that you can be whoever you want to be, which ended up becoming her own way of thinking.

As time went on she realized that her lifestyle did not give her true peace, but instead made her suffer more and more to the point of depression. This led her to search for answers on how to get out of the hole she was in.

After a few years of searching for answers, Smith began dating a young Christian man who encouraged her to read the Bible. And that’s how she began to talk to Jesus, until one day she searched on YouTube for the word of God and hundreds of testimonies of people who had left the New Age to follow Jesus appeared. She says that «she didn’t even know what New Age was», but for a whole week straight she watched all these videos and came to the conclusion that «that was the truth she had always been looking for».

From then on she threw away all the things she had related to witchcraft, astrology and mind control.

She gave her life to Christ in 2021. However, she confesses that the journey has just begun because she has realized that every day she knows a little more about this Jesus who guides her. She affirms that having distanced herself from same-sex relationships and occultism have been the best decisions she could have made. She mentions that she no longer sees the spirit world or the demons that tormented her and attributes this to God, who has delivered her from these encounters.

«I’m still trying to understand God. There are so many facets to Him. I can’t even sit here and say, ‘I know everything about Jesus.’ I know what the Bible tells me. I know that I have experienced Him. I know how I talk to Him. I know when He answers my prayers. I know that about Jesus,» Smith said.


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