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After Israeli army killings in Gaza, Pope Francis wonders if this is the way to build a better world

“I ask myself: do you really think that this is the way to build a better world? Do you really believe that this is the way to achieve peace?” the Pope asked.

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(ZENIT News / Vatican City, 03.03.2024).- At least 100 people died as a result of an Israeli army shooting against Palestinians in Gaza who approached food distribution trucks. The Israeli government itself released the video, which was met with a wave of reactions from the international community, including diplomatic calls for explanations. The scenes are dramatic, and perhaps these are the ones the Pope saw and had in mind when he spoke from St. Peter’s Square at noon on Sunday, March 3rd:

“I carry daily in my heart, with sorrow, the suffering of the populations in Palestine and in Israel, due to the ongoing hostilities. The thousands of dead, wounded, displaced, and the immense destruction cause suffering, and this has tremendous consequences on the small and the defenceless, who see their future compromised. I ask myself: do we really think we can build a better world in this way? Do we really think we can achieve peace? Enough, please! Let us all say it: enough, please! Stop! I encourage the continuation of negotiations for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and in the entire region, so that the hostages may be freed immediately and return to their anxiously awaiting loved ones, and the civilian population can have safe access to urgently needed humanitarian aid.

In the message, the Pope also spoke again about Ukraine: “please let us not forget tormented Ukraine, where so many die every day. There is so much pain there”.

Gazan authorities speak of at least 30,000 killed. The defense secretary initially acknowledged 25,000 Gazans killed, although he later retracted. According to the association Save the Children, many children are malnourished, while other associations speak of the spread of diseases. Israel continues to advance toward Rafah, where there are at least 1.5 million refugees.

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