in the middle of the table are the clergy

U.S. Survey Studies Honesty and Ethics in the Clergy

For the first time, the clergy is outside the top 10 highest-rated professions (it is in 11th place), although it remains with a better rating than, for example, members of congress, located at the bottom of the table.

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(ZENIT News / Rome, 24.03.2024).- “Gallup’s 2023 Honesty and Ethics” survey analyzed these two factors in 23 professions rated by the American society.

One of the “professions” subjected to assessment is the clergy that, for the first time, is outside the 10 best rated (it’s in the 11th place), although its assessment is better, for instance, than that of members of Congress, who are at the bottom of the table.

Surprising at the general level is that the 10 best rated professions for honesty and ethics in the United States are nurses (78%), veterinaries (65%), engineers (60%), dentists (59%), doctors (56%), pharmacists (55%), police officers (45%), school teachers (45%) psychiatrists (36%) and chiropractors (33%). The clergy is in the 11th place assessed at 32%.

At the bottom of the table are (from the bottom up) members of Congress (6%), senators (8%), author sellers (8%), advertisers

(8%), stockbrokers (12%) insurance sellers (12%), executives (12%), state governors (16%), lawyers (16%) and journalists (19%).

Precisely in the middle of the table are the clergy (32%), trade unionists (25%) and bankers (19%).

However, the survey highlights that this latest edition showed new minimums for members of Congress, senators, journalists, clergymen and pharmacists, as in other editions they were rated better. Specifically, the clergy went from a peak assessment of 67% in 1985 to 32% in 2023.

The survey also showed that, in general, University graduates tend to see the professions in a more positive way. However, among that sector of the population the clergy is less well rated, going from 38% to 29%.

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