For the first time a Cardinal (Muller) on one of the most watched programs in the world: the Tucker Carlson vlog

Cardinal Müller discusses the situation in the West and the importance of Christianity in an interview with Tucker Carlson

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(ZENIT News / Washington, 04.05.2024).- Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was interviewed about the current situation in the West and the relevance of Christianity by renowned American journalist Tucker Carlson.

On the Tucker Carlson «Uncensored» program, titled «The West is Falling. Cardinal Müller Has a Solution,» Müller addressed various topics, including the de-Christianization of Europe and the United States and the importance of keeping Christian values alive in contemporary society.

Cardinal Müller highlighted the contrast between the growth of Christianity in Africa and the de-Christianization observed in Europe and the United States. He pointed out that in these latter places, political and ideological elites have adopted a vision of humanity that is disconnected from its spiritual and transcendent dimension.

He emphasized the importance of the Christian faith in people’s lives, noting that Christians believe in their vocation to be children of God and in the hope of eternal life. Additionally, he stressed the need to promote a culture of life and defend the dignity of all people, especially the unborn and the elderly.

Cardinal Müller expressed concern about the influence of political ideologies on the Church, stating that the Pope and the ecclesiastical hierarchy must stand firm in defense of Gospel values and not allow the political agenda to dictate their actions.

In response to a question about the future of the West, Cardinal Müller emphasized that Christianity is fundamental to Western identity and culture. Without Christianity, he asserted, the West would lack a solid spiritual and cultural foundation.

The interview provided insightful perspective on the importance of Christianity in the contemporary world and the need to preserve and promote its values in today’s society.

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