Articles By Tim Daniels

Canadian archbishop fights for church’s right to reject euthanasia

In a significant clash over these policies, Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal has taken a stand against Quebec’s Attorney General. Lépine has appealed to the Quebec Superior Court to halt the enforcement of a 2023 amendment to the End-of-Life Care Act. This amendment mandates that palliative care hospices must include Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) among their services.

Former Pornography Industry Star Is Baptized a Catholic at Easter 2024

The Virgin Mary’s figure, omnipresent in the streets and places of worship that she visited in Italy, impacted her profoundly and led her to a path of spiritual redemption and renewal. After her return home, she confronted the emptiness of her former existence and sought spiritual guidance, which finally led her to embrace the Catholic faith wholeheartedly.

Professional Survey Shows Increase of Faith in the United States in Jesus’ Resurrection

The survey also revealed a strong adherence to belief in Jesus Christ’s physical Resurrection, with a margin of 68% to 13% of those surveyed. Moreover, the religious affiliations of the participants were explored, highlighting that Christianity, Protestantism and Catholicism, each attracted 21% of those surveyed, whereas Evangelical Christianity was chosen by 12%. Atheists constituted 6% and 16% opted for “none of the above.”