Archbishop Arregui Impressed by Ecuadorian President’s ‘Courage’ Against Abortion

President Rafael Correa Threatens to Resign From Office If Measure Approved

Archbishop Antonio Arregui, Archbishop of Guayaquil and President of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference (CEE) commended Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on his stance regarding the possible legalization of abortion.

Correa threatened to resign his post as president if members of his own party, “Alianza Pais”, continue to put pressure on the approval of a reform that would legalize abortion in the South American country.

“They can do whatever they want. I will never approve the decriminalization of abortion”, Correa said according to a BBC report. “It has cost me more, the betrayals of my own supposed friends, than the acts of my enemies. If these acts of betrayal and disloyalty go on, I will tender my resignation.”

In a statement sent to Fides News Agency, Archbishop Arregui stated that he was “impressed by the courage, the quality with which the president spoke”. The Church’s position on abortion, he continued, is well-known and clear.

“We believe that human life is sacred and cannot be eliminated”. Fides also reported that the Catholic Church in Ecuador will release an official statement this week on the matter.