Attack on U.N. in Baghdad Must Not Lessen Commitment, Says Nuncio

BAGHDAD, Iraq, AUG. 21, 2003 ( Tuesday’s attack on the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad should not discourage the international commitment to return Iraq to normality, says the apostolic nuncio here.

Archbishop Fernando Filoni said he believes the tragedy “will not cause a halt [in this commitment]; perhaps a rethinking of the way in which to proceed, that — yes.”

“Obviously what has happened cannot be disregarded,” he told Vatican Radio. “But the people need normality and this shows that there are people who do not want normality.”

“The people desire that this normality return as soon as possible and, therefore, that the local authority assume control of the situation, that international relations be promoted at a reciprocal level, between Iraq and other countries,” the papal representative said.

According to the archbishop, the first priority in the return to normality is the “humanitarian situation: the situation of hospitals, internal and external security.”