Chinese Catholic Magazine Aims at Secular Audience

TAIPEI, Taiwan, JAN. 22, 2004 ( A Chinese Catholic magazine has just been launched in Taipei as a means for cultural, spiritual and social dialogue among Chinese worldwide.

Its editor in chief, Father Benoit Vermander, director of the Ricci Institute in Taipei, and its editor, Father Jacques Duraud, have sent the first issue to the charity Aid to the Church in Need, in gratitude for its $50,000 gift to start the publication.

The magazine, entitled Renlai (Humanity’s Flute), addresses primarily a non-Christian public but is receptive to Christian values and viewpoints. It also aims at Christians who want a publication that promotes dialogue between Christianity and the Chinese secular cultural context.

The first issue includes an interview with the most important Chinese Catholic philosopher, Vincent Shen Chin-sung; commentaries on the book of Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian; and stories of an ethnic minority of mainland China.

The magazine includes a column entitled “Map of the Heart,” which addresses spiritual topics and questions relating to other religions, such as Buddhism. The first press run is 10,000 copies.