Mexican Bishops Warn About “Morning-After” Pill

MEXICO CITY, JAN. 27, 2004 ( The Mexican bishops’ Commission on the Family warned of the abortion-inducing properties of the “morning-after” pill authorized by the country’s health office.

Last Wednesday, the Health Secretariat, through the Official Mexican Norm on family planning, authorized health services to use the pill. Two days later the bishops’ commission issued its warning.

The morning-after pill is a “combination of hormones that can act to impede the implantation of an already fertilized ovum in the uterus, causing an abortion, that is, a gravely illicit act,” the bishops’ panel said. “It is an attack on the life of the most innocent of human beings.”

Aware of the “serious problem of adolescents’ pregnancies,” the bishops request the authorities that “endeavors of public health policies” be oriented to education for a responsible exercise of sexuality based on ethical values, and not only “on the simple distribution of products” which can endanger a woman’s health.