Pope Francis Makes Surprise Visit to Vatican Industrial Area

Power Plant Workers Express Joy at Pontiffs Greeting

Workers at the Vatican’s Industrial area received a surprise this morning as Pope Francis made an unannounced visit. The Holy Father visited the employees of the woodworking station and the Vatican Power Plant, as well the blacksmiths and plumbers of Vatican City.

According to a report by Vatican Radio, workers were joyful at the opportunity to meet and greet the pope up close. Alessandro Gisotti, an employee at the Vatican’s Power Plant recalled his shock at the arrival of the Holy Father’s vehicle. “When we saw we said, “How is this possible? It looks like the Pope.” Indeed, it was the Pope. He made a well-desired and well-received visit to the [plant],” Gisotti recalled. “In almost 10 years of work, this has never happened.”

The Vatican power plant employee went on to say that although most of the employees have seen the Pope during morning Mass at Domus Sanctae Marthae, the Holy Father’s surprise visit was an emotional encounter.

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