South African Bishops Join Anti-Corruption Campaign

PRETORIA, South Africa, FEB. 18, 2004 ( South Africa’s Catholic episcopal conference has joined Christian denominations to launch a campaign to keep corruption from becoming part of the culture of the young democracy.

The bishops’ conference, which includes the Catholic bishops of Botswana and Swaziland, together with eight Christian denominations has joined with a powerful group of business people to launch the Churches Against Corruption campaign.

“Corruption threatens the integrity of young minds, and forms the basis for a new form of oppression,” read a recent statement issued by the Catholic bishops’ conference.

“The Church condemns the misappropriation of public resources by legal practitioners, politicians, government leaders, religious leaders and public servants, and the misuse of public office to promote personal interests,” the text stated.

“The Church commends those responsible in the media for telling the truth without fear, denouncing corrupt individuals and exposing those that are dishonest,” it added.