Sudan Still Supports al-Qaida, Ecumenical Group Warns

Muslim Extremists Reportedly See Nation «as a Frontier of Expansion»

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ROME, NOV. 25, 2001 ( Sudan is a hotbed of terrorist activity and continues to have links to the al-Qaida network, an ecumenical organization warns.

«Historically, the government of Sudan has had a salient role in international terrorism. A role that continues today and is increasing,» states a report of the Council of Churches of New Sudan, dated Sept. 28.

The council is an ecumenical organization that includes the Catholic Church and the principal Protestant denominations. The report was issued following a meeting with a U.S. delegation.

The document denounces the violence of the Khartoum regime against the peoples of southern Sudan, and proposes ways and initiatives for a just peace.

«It is known that the government of Sudan has supported and protected terrorists and their campaigns,» the document states. «Many terrorist acts in other states, both within and outside the region, originate in Sudan.»

According to the Christian leaders, Sudan continues to have a role in al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden´s terrorist network, and other similar groups.

«Many extremists regard Sudan as a frontier of Muslim expansion,» the report adds.

«Now that, thanks to oil, Sudan has its own financial resources, its role of support and protection of terrorism is increasing within its confines and abroad,» the Christian communities´ document ends.

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