Prince Felipe of Bourbon, heir to the throne of Spain, and his wife, Leticia Ortiz, married May 22. They arrived in the Vatican today to receive the Pope's blessing, in keeping with a tradition of the Spanish royal family.

"The birth of a new family is always an important event," the Holy Father said in a brief address. "It is so for the spouses, whose mutual love is enriched and strengthened by divine grace."

"It is so also for the respective families and for society, as a faithful coexistence that does not fail -- implies new hopes and promises of life," he added.

"Therefore," the Pope said, "I renew the good wishes I sent you on your wedding day, and I pray to God that he will help you in this new state of life, so that you will make a happy home, which, because of its importance in Spanish society, will also be an exemplary point of reference for so many families of that beloved nation."