Human Dignity Isn't Elitist

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A response to: Catholic Education Out of Reach

Having raised 4 children within the Archdiocese of Mobile, sending them all through Catholic elementary and high school, I honestly can say that the 4 outcomes of Catholic education is hardly elitist. If anything it has prepared our adult children for professional life in which Catholicism is reflected and not lauded over any population. They have been educated to respect all people and uphold the dignity of every person with which life demands an interaction.

Catholic education is private education, however, it is not a simple, (expensive!!!) cop out to remove our kids from the mainstream population. Some parents use private education as an opportunity to rear their children away from those who are viewed to be less than desirable. But, I truly believe that the goal of Catholic education is to instill in our children (and parents…) the understanding that we are all made in the Image and Likeness of God. The process of excellent education occurs to include this basic truth of our faith.

Yes, there are some of us who really still subscribe to this way of thinking, idealist though it may be. It is a costly struggle well worth undertaking, for in the long run none of our 4 have come through history regretting the Catholic education they received. After all of the complaining they may have done while suffering through adolescence, and its demands, each one has said at one point or another, that the value of their faith-filled education has helped them to understand basic human dignity. Does that sound elitist?

Does the fact that more Catholic students per high school attend, and successfully complete, a college program? That is just good education! No?

Juanita Landers

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