Bishop Aquila makes several points upon which I wish to elaborate. The most salient of these is that America is at a crossroads and that, “There is a fork in the road between the culture of life and the culture of death.” I agree and would add that this “fork” in the road has not two but three tines. When we fail to point out the fallacy that supports the culture of death, we travel a wrong road, the one that subsequently demands a choice between evils. The fallacy needing exposure lies in the contention that the culture of life is based on faith while the culture of death is rooted in reason.

The truth is that the culture of death in all its manifestations also relies on faith. When we pit our Faith against their “reason,” we ignore that essential fact. How can we expose them as worshippers of a false god? The best way may be to wrest the weapon of reason from their grip and wield it skillfully in the battle against them.

C. Edward Collins