A response to: Awaiting the Age of Mary

We will truly be in the Age of the Woman when women acknowledge that the truly liberated woman is she that does the will of God. When one does the will of man in opposition to the will of God, one then is truly enslaved.

God bless!

Garry Legault

Thanks, Father Cantalamessa

A response to: Father Cantalamessa Evaluates Weekly Meditations

Dear Zenit,

I want to sincerely thank Fr Cantalamessa for many years of holy service to God’s people, not only to the ‘Popes household’ but to thousands of others around the world. His generosity, insight and holy love have been a continual inspiration to us and I ask God’s abundant blessings on him. I’m sure I am one voice in thousands when I say I’m very much looking forward to reading his commentaries on the gospels over and over again when his forthcoming book is published.

Thank you dear Father Cantalamessa and thank you Zenit. God bless you all.

Yours faithfully