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A response to: What Happened to the Catholic Vote?

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In the article Brian Burch commented that bishops can only do so much. I imagine he understood that some bishops only have so much time to devote to addressing this issue. However, he probably also understands that a number of bishops did not do enough if anything. Many priests did not do enough. Pro-life Catholics in general did not do enough.

While sensitive to the request of our diocese to avoid jeopardizing our tax-exempt status by preaching on the politics, our parish heard a number of times on the fact that Gospel values must be prioritized by Christians — especially Catholics — over economic issues which will fix themselves over time — especially if we remain faithful citizens to God Who creates everything and provides us with what we need. Many of His children, however, are still children wanting self-gratification NOW.

During this election season, I received many emails from people on various topics ranging from the deceit of Sen. Obama to how aggressive he stands on abortion, including his refusal for surviving abortees to receive health care (which is inconsistent with his desire for universal healthcare). My response to all these people was to write letters to their senators and congressmen and especially letters to the editor.

One of my parishioners wrote a letter that after being published evoked a few phone calls thanking her and one woman stating that it changed her mind to not vote for Sen. Obama. This is where we as a Catholic body of voters and citizens failed. Do not blame Sen. McCain; it lies among Catholics who despaired and those who did not do enough to encourage others to remain faithful and trust in the Lord.

After centuries of history, God’s children still have not learned from the Israelites example to not make alliances that are not in accord with God’s commands and they found themselves enslaved to the Babylonians or other nations.

Now that we are stuck with this decision, we need to pray: for forgiveness and for deliverance. We will soon find out what Sen. Obama stands for and how this election will affect the lowered bar of morals in our nation.

Father John M. Zimmerman
Diocese of Charleston

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