"Faithful Citizenship" Is Clear

Article: What Happened to the Catholic Vote?

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I disagree with Mr Burch when he describes the USCCB document, «Faithful Citizenship,» as confusing.

I read the document not long after it was mentioned in ZENIT. I read it again a week or two before the election. I was searching for any possible way to vote for Senator Obama despite his pro-abortion stance, because in my opinion his proposed policies on other issues were more closely aligned with the Catholic conscience.

I read three party platforms before the election: Democrat, Republican and Libertarian. As the US Bishops state, there is no one ideal candidate or political party. I had resigned myself to vote for the Libertarian candidate, but I decided to read «Faithful Citizenship» one more time before I walked out the door to go vote. I’m glad that I did. The document was quite clear, that a faithful Catholic is faithful even when stepping into the voting booth.

So, I voted for none of the candidates whose names appeared on the ballot; instead, I wrote in the name of Ron Paul. Without having read «Faithful Citizenship» one more time, I would have cast a vote for President-elect Obama, too.

Let us pray for him fervently and faithfully.

Deborrah Thurston, OCDS

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