VATICAN CITY, JAN. 13, 2010 ( Benedict XVI today offered the example of a fourth century champion of orthodoxy as a model for youth.

In his traditional greeting to the sick, newlyweds and young people, the Pope mentioned the saint celebrated by today's liturgy: Hilary of Poitiers.

The fourth century bishop was energetic in his fight against the Arian heresy. And the liturgy calls him a "tenacious champion of the divinity of Christ."

He was a "defender of the faith and teacher of truth," the Holy Father said. "May his example sustain you, dear young people, in your constant and courageous search for Christ."

The Bishop of Rome also encouraged the sick to "offer your sufferings so that the Kingdom of God is spread in the whole world" and he urged newlyweds to be "witnesses of the love of Christ in family life."