Institute for Religious Works Launches Website

IOR President Wishes to Ensure Institute is Transparent, Efficient and Completely Compliant

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The Institute for Religious Works, also known as the IOR, launched a new website today in an effort to continue to direct its focus on transparency. In an interview with Vatican Radio, Ernst von Freyburg, president of the institute, stated that the website is crucial for the IOR to inform the public on their progress.

“In May we said we would focus over the coming months on transparency and on the Moneyval process, that is the anti-money laundering obligations which the Vatican has accepted in the EU reparative framework,” von Freyburg said.

The website’s purpose, he continued is “to tell our customers, the Church, the interested public, what we are doing, how our reform efforts are progressing, and what the scope of our work is.”

The president of the IOR also stated that he as well as all employees have been working hard to ensure the institute is “transparent, efficient, and completely compliant.”

“We wish to create options for the Holy Father to decide later in this year how he wishes to organize our activities going forward,,” von Freyburg told Vatican Radio.

“We consider the journalists and the media our key intermediaries with the public, but also with those in the church who are interested in our work. And we hope that this website will also create a platform to communicate with journalists and the media.”

The website contains information on the IOR’s activity, history, description of reform efforts, and information on those in charge of the governance of the IOR.

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