Pope's Address to Council for the Economy

Says «Changes will reflect the desire to put into action the necessary reform of the Roman Curia»

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Below is a translation of Pope Francis’ address to the members of the Pontifical Council for the Economy this morning.

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I thank you for this meeting and for the work you do. Thank you so much. As you know, we are in need to carry this work forward in the sense that Cardinal Marx explained. The Council for the Economy was instituted with the Motu proprio Fidelis dispensator et prudens, last February 24, together with the Secretariat for the Economy and the Office of the General Reviser. The Motu proprio underlines the very important mission of this act: the awareness of the Church of her responsibility to protect and manage carefully her goods in the light of her mission of evangelization, with particular care for the poor. The Cardinal has underlined it well, and we must not leave this path — everything, transparency, efficiency, everythingfor this purpose. Everything is for this.

The Holy See feels called to actuate this mission, taking into account especially its responsibility to the universal Church. Moreover, these changes will reflect the desire to put into action the necessary reform of the Roman Curia to serve better the “fidelis dispensator et prudens.” The endeavor will not be simple and requires courage and determination. A new mentality of evangelical service should be established in the different administrations of the Holy See. The Council for the Economy plays a significant role in this process of reform. It has the task to oversee the economic management and to supervise the structures and the administrative and financial activities of these administrations. It carries out its activity in close relationship with the Secretariat for the Economy. I take advantage of the occasion to thank Cardinal Pell also for his effort, for his work, and also for his Australian “rugby-er” tenacity. Thank you, Eminence!

The Council represents the universal Church: eight Cardinals of several particular Churches, seven laymen who represents different parts of the world and who contribute with their experience to the good of the Church and to her particular mission. The laymen are full members of the new Council; they are not second class members, no! All are on the same plane. The work of the Council is of great weight and great importance and will offer a fundamental contribution to the service carried out by the Roman Curia and the various administrations of the Holy See.

I wish you good work and thank you so much for what you do and will do. Thank you so much. And pray for me: I am in need of it!

[Original text: Italian] [Translation by ZENIT]
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