Here is the English-language summary of Pope Francis' general audience of today.

* * *

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today begins a new cycle of catecheses devoted to the Church. The Church is not simply an institution but a mother, a family, a mystery which is meant to embrace the whole human race. Founded by Jesus Christ, she traces her roots to the Old Testament, where God called Abraham to set off with his household for a new land and promised to make him the father of a vast people, in order to bring his blessing to all the nations of the earth. Significantly, it is God himself who takes the first step: He chooses Abraham  and all his household to follow him in faith. The way God points out is not always clear, nor is the path free of obstacles, including the constant temptation to sin and infidelity. The history of God's people, the Church, is thus one of God's absolute fidelity, mercy, and love; only by his unfailing aid can we overcome our sins and persevere in following the path he points out to us in Christ. Let us ask the Lord to sustain the Church on her journey of faith through history, to guide her to our heavenly homeland and to make her a blessing and a sign of God's loving plan for all his children. 

I greet the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors taking part in today's Audience, including those from England, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kuwait, India, Australia, and the United States. Upon all of you, and upon all of your families, I invoke joy and peace in the Lord Jesus. God bless you all!

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