Christian leaders in Kenya have released a joint statement calling on citizens to cease the spread of rumors and the use of “inflammatory and derogatory remarks” in order to prevent the spread of further ethnic violence.

"We have watched in recent days as politicians who promised and swore that never again would Kenya walk the sad road of ethnic violence of 2007/2008, move around inciting Kenyans against one another and causing unnecessary tensions,” reads the statement.

The statement was presented on 20 June at a press conference held at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, according to CISA agency.

The statement comes following recent attacks in the counties of Baringo and Lamu which left hundreds of people dead.

Christian leaders have called on the government to cancel political gatherings and demonstrations to facilitate the possibility for dialogue.

"We call upon all Kenyans to cease from spreading rumours, incitement and inflammatory and derogatory remarks of any kind that may spiral to ethnic violence due to the volatile atmosphere," says the statement.