Pope Celebrates Mass at Casa Santa Marta - 4 May


Pope's Morning Homily: To Bear Tribulations With Faith is Not Masochistic

Encourages Faithful to Remain Firm By Trusting God During Mass at Casa Santa Marta

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Christians are not masochistic, but rather trust in God when difficulties arise.  These were the words of Pope Francis during his homily at Casa Santa Marta this morning.

According to Vatican Radio, the Pope reflected on today’s first reading in which St. Paul encourages Christians to remain firm in the faith.

The Holy Father said that in order to enter the Kingdom of God, is it necessary to go through «dark times.» However, in bearing tribulations, he noted that it «is not a sadomasochistic attitude» but a struggle against evil.

«‘To bear’: is more than being patient; it means to carry on one’s shoulders, to carry the weight of tribulation,» he said.

«And Christian life also has moments like that. But Jesus tells us: ‘Have courage in that moment. I have overcome; you too will be victorious’. This first word enlightens us to go forward in the most difficult moments of life, those moments that make us suffer.»

Trust in the Lord

Continuing his homily, the Pope said that Christians can face tribulations and persecutions by entrusting themselves to the Lord. It is only through Him that one receives the strength to persevere in the faith.

«To entrust something to the Lord, to entrust this difficult moment to the Lord, to entrust myself to the Lord, to entrust to the Lord our faithful, we priests, bishops, entrust to the Lord our families, our friends and say to the Lord,» he said.

«‘Take care of them; they are yours.’ This is a prayer that we do not always say: the prayer of entrustment: ‘Lord I entrust this to you; You help take care of it.’ It is a beautiful Christian prayer. It is ‘the attitude of trust in the power of the Lord, and in the tenderness of God who is Father. «

Finally, the 78 year old Pontiff said that Christ gives peace in order to strengthen one in the faith. However it is not simply peace of mind, but one that «goes within and gives strength.»

«Three words: tribulations, trust and peace. In life we ​​have to go down streets of tribulation but this is the law of life. But in those moments, [we must] rely on the Lord and He answers us with peace,» he said.

Concluding his homily, Pope Francis called on the faithful to pray that Christ may strengthen their faith and «to give us the confidence to overcome our trials because He has overcome the world, and gives us all his peace.»

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