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A March for Life - Courtesy of Marcia per la vita

Pope to March for Life Participants: Defend and Promote Life

40,000 People Take to the Streets of Rome in Defense of Life

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<p>Pope Francis sent a message to participants for the 5th Annual March for Life in Italy.

The Holy Father gave his greetings during his Regina Caeli address yesterday to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

“I greet all those participating in the initiative for life taking place this morning in Rome,” the Pope said. “It is important to work together to defend and promote life.”

An estimated 40,000 people from Italy and around the world marched in the streets of Rome.

The national spokesperson of the event, Virginia Coda Nunziante said that high numbers of people with banners, flags and posters are a “sign of life a people that does not surrender, that fights, that will win.”

“[St.] Joan of Arc said that we are only asked to fight: it is God who gives victory.”

“Our categorical rejection of any compromise is not just about abortion, but extends to all forms of violation of the moral law. Because this moral law, the law of God and nature, knows no exceptions, it is absolute, as inscribed in the conscience of every human being,” she told participants at the event’s conclusion.

Concluding her address, Nunziante called on the mothers of Italy to “stand up” against the culture of death and the “dictatorship of relativism and nihilism.”

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