Tired and Discouraged? Look to the Shore: It Is the Lord!

In Regina Caeli address, Pope Francis affirms that Easter faith changes everything

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Pope Francis says that seeing things — all things — in the light of Easter faith changes them.
The Pope offered this reflection today before praying the midday Regina Caeli with those gathered in St. Peter’s Square.
Reflecting on today’s Gospel, he noted that once again, it is Jesus who comes in search of the disciples, who had returned to their daily life and jobs as fishermen.
“It was difficult for them to understand what had happened. But while everything seemed to have ended, it is once again Jesus who ‘seeks’ his disciples. It is he who goes in search of them,” the Holy Father said.
The Pope suggested a parallel between the apostles’ empty nets and their perspective on their experience with Jesus.
“They had met him, they had left everything to follow him, full of hope… and now? Yes, they had seen him risen and they thought, ‘he’s left, he’s left us.’ All of this has seemed like a dream.”
But into this scene, Jesus arrives and reveals himself through the abundant catch of fish. John recognizes Jesus and exclaims, “It is the Lord.”
“In this exclamation, ‘It is the Lord,’ there is all of the enthusiasm of paschal faith,” Pope Francis said. “‘It is the Lord,’ full of joy and wonder, in stark contrast with the confusion, the desperation, the sense of impotence that had afflicted the spirit of the disciples. The presence of the Risen Jesus transforms everything: darkness is overcome by light; useless work becomes again fruitful and promising; the feeling of tiredness and abandonment gives way to a new strength and the certainty that he is with us.”

Still today

The Bishop of Rome noted that these Easter sentiments continue to animate the Church today.
“If with a superficial glance, it can sometimes seem that the darkness of evil and the tiredness of daily living dominate a situation, the Church knows with certainty that upon those who follow the Lord Jesus, the light of Easter already shines forever,” he affirmed. “The great proclamation of the Resurrection instills in the hearts of believers an intimate joy and an invincible hope. Christ has truly risen! Today, too, the Church continues to make this joyous proclamation resound: joy and hope will continue flowing in hearts, upon faces, in gestures, in words.”
The Pope concluded with a reminder that all Christians are called to share the message of the Resurrection.
“May he, the Lord, renew in us as well the paschal faith,” Francis prayed. “May he make us ever more aware of our mission at the service of the Gospel and of our neighbor. May he fill us with his Holy Spirit so that, sustained by the intercession of Mary, with all of the Church, we can proclaim the greatness of his love and the richness of his mercy.”

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