Pope Francis Suggests a Prayer for Before Reading Scripture

Reminds the faithful that with the Holy Spirit, we are never alone

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Pope Francis today spoke about Jesus’ gift of the Holy Spirit, reminding the faithful that we are not alone since the Spirit always accompanies us.
Quoting John 14:26, the Pope noted that the Holy Spirit’s mission in our hearts is twofold: to teach and to remind.
“The Spirit will bring to mind the teachings of Jesus in the various concrete circumstances of life, so as to make them able to be put them into practice. This is precisely what happens still in the Church, guided by the light and the strength of the Holy Spirit, so that it can bring to everyone the gift of salvation, that is, the love and mercy of God,” he said.
Calling to mind a recommendation he has made on other occasions, to read the Gospel each day, the Pope suggested making a simple prayer before reading the passage: “Ask the Holy Spirit: ‘That I might understand and that I might remember these words of Jesus.’”
The Pope assured the faithful that we are not alone. “Jesus is close to us, among us, within us. His new presence in history occurs through the gift of the Holy Spirit, through whom it is possible to establish a living relationship with him, the Crucified and Risen One.”
“We are not alone!,” he continued, “And the sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit is also the peace that Jesus gives to his disciples.”
“The peace of Jesus springs from victory over sin, over the egotism that impedes us from loving each other as brothers,” he explained. “It is a gift of God and a sign of his presence. Each disciple, called today to follow Christ carrying his cross, receives in himself the peace of the Crucified and Risen One in the certainty of his victory and in the expectation of his final coming.”

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